6" K-Style
Gutter System

K-Style gutters are what most people refer to as “regular” gutters. It is the most common gutter profile in both Iowa and Nebraska. While K-Style gutters often come in 5-inch and 6-inch options, K-Guard Iowa offers oversized 6-inch gutters, matched with oversized 3x4-inch downspouts, for optimal performance. These gutters allow for maximum water flow through the gutters and spouts and away from your home’s foundation. As with all our services, K-Guard Iowa offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee. 


K-Style Gutter Features

Oversized 6" Aluminum Gutters

Oversized Aluminum 3"x4" Downspouts

.032 thick Aluminum coil-20% thicker than coil used by most companies

Completely Seamless Gutter Runs-NO LEAKS!


As for the K-Guard itself, it was really nice not to have to climb on the roof to clean out the leaves and gunk. I was worried that they would not be able to keep up with heavy rains and so far no problems. They are a nice, sleek accent to our roof and very low maintenance.”

Sam Isburg


“Great experience start to finish with K-Guard Iowa. Very professional, informative, and quality workmanship. Great product, would highly recommend.”

Sante Medici

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Because every job is custom fabricated, the only way we can accurately estimate the cost of installing K-Guard on your home is to visit, inspect and analyze your home and any existing problems. Please contact us on this website, via phone or by email.​

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