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Gutters protect your home by diverting rainwater away from the foundation, porches and driveway. However, traditional gutters often collect leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris, which can result in ineffective water drainage. If left untreated, this can cause tremendous damage to your roof and foundation, along with water staining and rotting fascia board. The K-Guard clog-free gutter system prevents this damage and saves you time inspecting and cleaning out your gutters. It is the most durable and effective gutter system on the market.


The Clog-free Solution

K-Guard is a completely engineered, fully integrated, leaf-free gutter system. No other system can offer the strength, durability, capacity and attractiveness of K-Guard. We offer free estimates on all projects, a lifetime no-clog warranty and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.


K-Guard System Features


The K-Guard system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers. Made from strong, all-weather polymers and set every 24 inches inside the gutter, these hangers fully support the hood and keep the gutter from sagging, or in any way losing its form.


The lifespan of the K-Guard system is practically unlimited. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the base material will not corrode. The coatings on the gutter and hood will last over 20 years, and the patented hangers give our gutters the strength to withstand virtually any weather conditions.


Because our gutters are a full 5-inches wide, our system is able to drain more water than other, smaller systems. Plus, since our gutters accommodate the larger, 3x4-inch downspouts, K-Guard easily flushes out any small pieces of debris that may occasionally enter the system.


In contrast to the sharp corners and vertical faces of most gutter systems, the smooth, curved appearance of K-Guard gutters complements and adds beauty to your home. Ask K-Guard Iowa about the variety of colors available in the Iowa and Nebraska markets!


As for the K-Guard itself, it was really nice not to have to climb on the roof to clean out the leaves and gunk. I was worried that they would not be able to keep up with heavy rains and so far no problems. They are a nice, sleek accent to our roof and very low maintenance.”

Sam Isburg


“Great experience start to finish with K-Guard Iowa. Very professional, informative, and quality workmanship. Great product, would highly recommend.”

Sante Medici

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Because every job is custom fabricated, the only way we can accurately estimate the cost of installing K-Guard on your home is to visit, inspect and analyze your home and any existing problems. Please contact us on this website, via phone or by email.​

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