Aluminum Fascia
Wrap Installation

Fascia is the board behind your gutters. It also runs up your gables to “trim out” your roof. At K-Guard Iowa, we know the importance of assuring these boards are not rotten prior to securing gutters to your home. We always assure there is no rot to the lumber itself and offer an aluminum fascia wrap to further enhance your maintenance-free exterior. Wrapping your fascia in aluminum has many benefits, including durability and aesthetics. As with all our services, K-Guard Iowa offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee.


Aluminum Fascia Wrap Features

Our installation teams will assure your fascia is not rotten prior to install.

Aluminum fascia wrap can be one or a combination of 40+ colors, adding an array of options to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Aluminum fascia wrap serves as a defense layer to your fascia lumber, making your home’s exterior trim last longer.


As for the K-Guard itself, it was really nice not to have to climb on the roof to clean out the leaves and gunk. I was worried that they would not be able to keep up with heavy rains and so far no problems. They are a nice, sleek accent to our roof and very low maintenance.”

Sam Isburg


“Great experience start to finish with K-Guard Iowa. Very professional, informative, and quality workmanship. Great product, would highly recommend.”

Sante Medici

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